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    Bài tập câu tường thuật


    Put the following into indirect speech.
    I/ The statements:
    1 “I have something to show you,' I said to her.
    2 'Nothing grows in my garden.' she said.
    3 ‘I'm going away tomorrow, mother,' he said.
    4 ‘ I've been in London for a month but so far I haven't had time to visit the Tower,' said Rupert.
    5 ‘It isn't so foggy today as it was yesterday,' I remarked.
    6 'The new underpass is being officially opened' said the BBC announcer.
    8 'We have a lift but very often it doesn't work,' they said.
    9 'From one of the windows of my flat I can see the Eiffel Tower,' he said.
    10 ‘I've no idea what the time is but I'll dial 8081 and find out,' said his daughter.
    11. He said, 'My wife has just been made a judge.'
    12. ‘ I'll come with you as soon as I am ready,' she replied.
    13. ‘ I have a German lesson this afternoon and I haven't done my homework yet,' said the small boy.
    14 ‘If you let the iron get too hot you will scorch your clothes,' I warned her.
    20 'We like working on Sundays because we get double pay,' explained the builders.
    26. ‘I'll sit up till she comes in, but I hope she won't be late,' he said.
    27. ‘ If you give me some wire, I'll hang that picture for you,' said my cousin.
    28 ‘ I have a Turkish bath occasionally, but it doesn't seem to make any difference to my weight.,' she said.
    29 This is quite a good model, madam. I use one of these myself,' said the salesman.
    30 'My new house is supposed to be haunted, but so far I haven't seen any ghosts,' she said.

    II/ The questions:
    1 'What happened to Mr Budd?' said one of the men.
    2 'Which of his sons inherited his estate?' asked another.
    3 'Who is going to live in the big house?' enquired a third.
    4 'What will happen to his racehorses?' asked someone else.
    5 'Which team has won?' asked Ann.
    6 'Which team won the previous match?' said Bill.
    7 'Who is playing next week?' he asked.
    8 'Who will be umpiring that match?' asked Tom.
    9 'Who wants a lift home?' said Ann.
    10 'Who has just dropped a Ј10 note?' I asked.
    11 'Where is the ticket office?' asked Mrs Jones.
    12 'What shall I do with my heavy luggage?' she said. (Use should.)
    13 'What platform does the train leave from?' asked Bill.
    14 'When does it arrive in York?' he asked.
    15 'When was the timetable changed?' I asked.
    16 'Why has the 2.30 train been cancelled?' said Ann.
    17 'How much does a day return to Bath cost?' Mrs Jones asked.
    18 'Why does the price go up so often?' she wondered.
    19 'How can I get from the station to the airport?' said Bill.
    20 'When are you coming back?' I asked them.
    21 Is a return ticket cheaper than two singles?' said my aunt.
    22 'Do puppies travel free?' asked a dog owner.
    23 'Can I bring my dog into the compartment with me?' she asked.
    24 'Does this train stop at York?' asked Bill.
    25 'Can you telephone from inter-city trains?' said the businessman.
    26 'Does the 2.40 have a restaurant car?' he enquired.
    27 'Can you get coffee on the train?' asked my aunt.
    28 'Do they bring it round on a trolley?' she said.
    29 'Are there smoking compartments?' said the man with the pipe

    III/ The command, request:
    1 'Switch off the TV,' he said to her.
    2 'Shut the door, Tom,' she said.
    3 'Lend me your pen for a moment,' I said to Mary.
    4 'Don't watch late-night horror movies,' I warned them.
    5 'Don't believe everything you hear,' he warned me.
    6 'Please fill up this form,' the secretary said.
    7 'Don't hurry,' I said.
    8 'Don't touch that switch, Mary,' I said.
    9 'Open the safe!' the raiders ordered the bank clerk.
    10 'Please do as I say,' he begged me.
    11 'Help your mother, Peter,' Mr Pitt said.
    12 'Don't make too much noise, children,' he said.
    13 'Do whatever you like,' she said to us.
    14 'Don't miss your train,' she warned them.
    15 'Read it before you sign it,' he said to his client.
    16 'Do sing it again,' he said.
    17 'Don't put your hands near the bars,' the zoo keeper warned us.
    18 'Buy a new car,' I advised him.
    19 'Don't drive too fast,' she begged him.
    20 'Don't lean your bicycles against my windows, boys,' said the shopk
    21 'Come to the cinema with me,' he asked her.
    22 'Cook it in butter,' I advised her.
    23 'Don't touch the gates, madam,' said the lift operator.
    24 'Don't argue with me,' the teacher said to the boy.
    25 'Pull as hard as you can,' he said to him.
    26 'Send for the Fire Brigade,' the manager said to the porter.
    27 'Don't lend her anything,' he advised us.
    28 'Make a list of what you want,' she told us.
    29 'Look at the paper,' he said to her.
    30 'Stand clear of the doors,' a voice warned the people on the platform
    31 'See if you can find any mushrooms, children,' she said.
    32 'Don't go alone,' I warned her.

    *. Change into the reported speech:
    1. “ Listen carefully “, he said to us.
    2. “ Don’t wait for me if I’m late”, Ann said to him
    3. “ Eat more fruid and vegetables”, the doctor said to her.
    4. “ Shut the door but don’t lock it”, she said to us
    5. Ann says “ I’m tired”
    6. Tom said “ New York is bigger than London.”
    7. Bill says to me, “ where will he go tomorrow?”
    8. Mary said to me “, When did you pick Ann up?”
    9. Ann said, “ What do you call a person who makes and repairs things of iron, Janes?”
    10. “ The clock will never work again if you try to repair it”, the man said.
    11. “ Did you phone me yesterday?”, Tom asked Mary
    12. She asked him, “ Have you read this book?”
    13.” Do you know how far the swimming fool is?” I asked Mary
    14. They asked us, “ May we smoke here in this room?”
    16. Lam said “I’ve already done my homework”
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    Em mới làm phần I, em post trước, mai em post các phần còn lại (cô thông cảm em ko có thời gian nhiều Vả lại trên vi tính khó nhìn nên làm dễ bị sai)

    1. I told her that I had something to show her.
    2. She said that nothing growed in her garden.
    3. He said to his mother he was going away the following day.
    4. Rupert said that he had been in London for a month but until then he hadn't had time to visit the Tower.
    5. I remarked that it wasn't so foggy that day as it had been the previous day.
    6. The BBC announcer said that the new underpass was being officially opened.
    8. They said that thay had a lift but very often it didn't wofk.
    9. He saif that from one of the windows of his flat he could see the Effiel tower.
    10. He said to his daughter that he had no idea what the time was but he would dial 8081 and find out.
    11. He said that his wife had just been made a judge.
    12. She replied to me that she would comewith me as soon as she was ready.
    13. I said to the small boy that I had a German lesson that afternoon and I hadn't done my homework yet.
    14. I warned her that if she let the iron got too hot she would scroch her clothes.
    20. The builders explained that thay liked working on Sundays because they got double pay.
    26. He said that he would sit up till she came i n, but he hoped she wouldn't be late.
    27. My cousin said that if I gived her some wire, she would hang that picture for me.
    28. She said that she had a Turkish bath occasionally, but it didn't seem to make any differenceto her weight.
    29. The salesman said to the madam that that was quite a good model, he used one of those himself.
    30. She said that her new house was supposed to be haunted, but until then she hadn't seen any ghosts.

    III - The comand, request:
    1. He told her to switch off the TV.
    2. She ordered Tom to shut the door.
    3. I told Mary to lend me her pen for a moment.
    4. I warned them not to watch late-night horrow movies.
    5. He warned me not to believe everything I heard.
    6. The secretary told me to fill up that form.
    7. I told them not to hurry.
    8. I told Mary not to touch that switch.
    9. The raiders ordered the bank clerk to open the safe.
    10. He begged me to do as him said.
    11. Mr.Pitt said to Peter to help his mother.

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